Teaching materials

Starting around 2007, in collaboration with Giovanni De Poli, I put together a set of handouts for the course Informatica Musicale which I was teaching at the University of Padova. I have not made much progress since 2012 or so - just fixed some typos and mistakes. Here is the latest compiled version.


Supervision and other teaching activities

Current Courses

Sviluppo di Tecnologie per la Produzione Musicale (Development of Music Production Technologies)

The course aims at (i) providing students with notions of musical audio signal manipulation for music production (equalization, dynamics processing, delay-based effects, modulations, reverberation), as well as (ii) introducing the main concepts of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plugins programming using the C++ language. My lectures cover aim (i).

Sound in Interaction

This course offers a multi-disciplinary overview of principles and technologies for the design, synthesis, and rendering of sound in interactive contexts, with applications to virtual and augmented reality, sonic interaction design, accessible interfaces, digital musical instruments.

Informatica applicata al suono (Computer Science applied to Sound), module 2

The main goal of this module is to introduce the main concepts of object oriented programming, using Python as the reference language, and applying such concepts to sound synthesis and processing.

Past Courses

Informatica Generale (Information Technology)

This is an introductory course to computer science. It provides a non-technical overview of representation of information, data and algorithms, computer architectures, networks and the www.

Fondamenti di Informatica (Introductory Computer Science)

The course provides fundamental concepts of data and algorithms, programming and object-oriented programming, using Java.

Dati e Algoritmi (Data and Algorithms)

I taught a module of the course. Topics: graphs, sorting.

Informatica Musicale (Music Informatics)

This is an introductory course to Sound and Music Computing Research: digital audio processing, sound synthesis and techniques, audio analysis.


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