Interests and activities

My main research interests are in the field of audio processing, modeling, and rendering. My research activities can be organized along two main directions:

  1. Computational/algorithmic aspects in the representation of audio information, and related technologies, including
    • Computational issues in the development of sound synthesis and processing algorithms. The main related results concern the development of numerical techniques for efficient and accurate realization of non-linear synthesis algorithms.
    • Audio rendering, particularly 3D sound rendering. The main results concern binaural rendering through models and algorithms with low computational requirements, which integrate techniques for personalization and adaptation to users' anthropometry.
    • Voice processing, particularly voice synthesis based on physical and physiological descriptions of the vocal apparatus, suitable for articulatory synthesis or non-linear model identification and model-based coding.
  2. Integration of such technologies in several application domains, including
    • Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction. The main results are related to the use of audio in information display, particularly in interactive context and in combination with other sensory modalities, with a focus on user-centered and perceptual evaluation.
    • Accessible interfaces and assistive technologies, specifically (i) systems for technology-assisted motor rehabilitation (virtual rehabilitation), where interactive audio is used for enhancing motor learning in motor tasks; and (ii) systems for orientation \& mobility learning for visually-impaired subjects, incorporating technologies for 3D audio rendering, (iii) accessible digital musical instruments for performers with motor disabilities.
    • Virtual instruments: application of physically-based non-linear synthesis algorithms to the simulation of musical instruments, also in the context of industrial collaborations.
    • Digital cultural heritage and digital learning: applications of interactive technologies for the valorization and fruition of the cultural heritage, particularly multimodal interactive installations for museum exhibits; interactive technologies for digital learning, with specific reference to music pedagogy.


I have been Principal Investigator and Coordinator of several national, european, and industry funded projects
Phone: +39 02 503 16207
E-mail: federico.avanzini@di.unimi.it
Dipartimento di Informatica, Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Celoria 18, 20133 Milano, ITALY
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